Ocular Surgery & Treatment Assistance Program

Since 1959, the Indiana Lions Eye Bank has been dedicated to restoring vision.

Our Ocular Surgery & Treatment Assistance Program carries that objective one step further by providing available financial assistance to Indiana residents in need of sight restoring surgeries.

Indiana residents who are without insurance and are ineligible for government aid can be helped through the assistance program. 

eye exam photoThe program first guides patients through the federal and state assistance application process to determine if they qualify for those programs. 

Patients are then evaluated for support under the ILEB assistance program.

Expenses Covered by the Program

The ILEB will pay a reduced fee for evaluation and treatment performed by participating eye care providers.  A fee structure is negotiated by the ILEB prior to the provision of treatment.  With the completion of treatment, ILEB will be invoiced directly and the patient is not charged for any of the expenses covered by the assistance program. 

This program is intended to cover ocular surgery and treatment for individuals who are blind or would be legally blind without such surgery or treatment. 

Services and treatments include, but are not limited to:

  1. Cornea transplants
  2. Cataract surgery
  3. Laser treatment related to diabetic retinopathy
  4. Assisting with federal and state application programs
  5. Physicians visits
  6. Diagnostic testing

This program is not intended to cover procedures whose purpose is to correct vision where blindness is not eminent (e.g. eye exams, eye glasses, laser procedures when blindness is not eminent). 

Applying to the Program

Those requesting assistance should contact their local Lions Club to begin the process.  Applicants must complete and return an application for the assistance program.  Local Lions/Lioness Club sponsors will work with an Indiana Lions Eye Bank Trustee to complete all information. 

Once the application is complete, the ILEB Trustee will make a recommendation to the President/CEO and the Board of Directors to determine eligibility. Applicants will be notified immediately of the outcome.

Supporting the Program

Financial support for our assistance program is made possible through the eye bank’s transplant program, contributions from Indiana Lions/Lioness Clubs, corporations and individuals who are committed to sight restoration for everyone. 

Additionally many physicians, surgeons, hospitals and surgery centers generously donate their time, expertise and facilities to assist our program.

For more information about supporting our Ocular Surgery & Treatment Assistance Program, please visit our Financial Contributions page to contact us directly.

Download our Assistance & Information Guide [PDF]